Prescription Services

Prescription Services

When you have your prescription filled at our pharmacy, your Somerset Pharmacist will:

  • Provide fast and friendly service
  • Review each prescription to ensure proper drug and dosage for you. We will take extra care to make sure you know why you are taking the medication and how to take it and also what to do if you experience side effects
  • Possibly suggest blister packaging to patients who are taking several different medications at different times throughout the day

Do not be surprised if one of our pharmacy team members gives you a call within a few days to see how you are doing on your new medication.


Prescription Deliveries

If you are unable to make it to the pharmacy in person, we would be pleased to have your medication or purchase delivered to you.

For deliveries within Surrey:

  • We deliver 5 days a week – Monday through Friday
  • Any standard method delivery (within our regular delivery area) that includes a prescription is free of charge.
  • For deliveries not including a prescription a $4.00 delivery fee will apply

Compliance Packaging

Did you know that for elderly patients up to 25% of all non-elected hospital admissions are a result of mistakes made with medications at home?

Are you having difficulty with remembering to take your medications? Do you find it difficult to juggle 4 or 5 or more medications and administration times?  Are you fed up with bottles and bottles of medications? Compliance blister packaging allows our patients to be reassured that they are not forgetting a particular dose of medication and takes away the need to worry about doubled-up doses.

Our pharmacists will manage the organization of all your medications into convenient and easy to use blister cards. We are committed to help eliminate medication mistakes at home and reduce the number of health-related problems that may arise from taking multiple medications.

If you would like to find out more about our compliance packaging services that you or someone you care for would benefit from, please contact one of our pharmacists at 604-590-5587.